Things to Do in and Around Westfield

Buy a cupcake at the Batch Bake Shop.

Enjoy great Italian food at Valentino's Restaurant.

Climb on the monkey bars or play tennis at Burdick Park.

Watch a play or let your kids take a theater class at Strand Theater.

Get the best Italian cold cut at Mastellone's Deli.

Enjoy a delicious dessert at Natasha's Just Brittle.

Sign your children up for a dance class at Mid-Atlantic Youth Ballet.

Read a good book or take part in an event at the Hamilton Library.

Go bowling at Parkville Bowl.

Have a beer at the Hamilton Tavern.

Take a stroll through the quiet, tree-lined streets of Westfield.

Eat a sandwich with the crusts cut off at Emma's Tea Spot.

Have a swim on a hot summer day at the Hillcrest Swim Club.

Invite your neighbors to a backyard barbecue.

Say 'hi' to the schoolyard chickens at Hamilton Elementary/Middle School.

Go ice skating at Mt. Pleasant Ice Arena.

Walk the trails at Double Rock Park or Herring Run.

Meet up for lunch at the Silver Queen Cafe.

Browse for something special at the Hamilton Arts Collective.

Grab a quick bite at East Perry, the best local takeout in town.

Keep in the loop at WNIA's monthly neighborhood association meetings.

Pick up locally grown produce and see the goats at Westfield's Bearfoot Farm

Get great diner food at Lost in the 50's Diner.

Buy fresh produce and visit artisan stands at the Lauraville Farmer's Market.

Jog around Lake Montebello.

Walk your dog (get a dog)! We're a dog-friendly neighborhood.

Take your kids on a bike ride! We're a kid- and bike-friendly neighborhood.

Get some chickens! We're even a backyard chicken-friendly neighborhood.

Do some yard work, chat with the guy down the street, watch out for mosquitoes!

Sponsored by the Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association (WNIA)