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Greening Initiatives in Baltimore City

There are quite a few organizations and initiatives in Baltimore City that focus on green spaces and sustainable living.  Pockets of our city have undergone greening transformations. This includes larger developments (such as Gwynns Falls Trail in West Baltimore), and smaller ones (such as the greening of Hamilton Elementary and Middle School, for example).  Westfield joins the City of Baltimore on its path towards sustainability.  See below to learn more about Baltimore-wide greening initiatives, programs and opportunities.

Westfield Community Garden

In 2018 Westfield established a native pollinator garden at 6009 Harford Road (raised beds surrounding Marzullo Funeral Home). The project was funded by a Clean Up / Green Up Grant from the MD Environmental Trust.

Baltimore Green Space

Baltimore Green Space partners with communities to preserve and support community gardens, forest patches, pocket parks, and other open spaces managed by city residents.  At the request of communities, they acquire community managed open spaces and provide support for those who manage them.  This allows communities to ensure that their urban oases endure without taking on the responsibility of acquisition, ownership and liability.

Parks & People Foundation

The Baltimore Parks & People Foundation connects Baltimore residents to nature, their community and each other through the city's parks and green spaces.  Learn more about their numerous volunteer and educational opportunities.  More

Blue Water Baltimore

Blue Water Baltimore’s mission is to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy and thriving communities. They conduct water monitoring, campaign for legislative reforms, operate the Herring Run Nursery, monitor city sewage overflow, educate residents about native habitats and sustainable practices, sponsor pavement reduction efforts, organize community tree plantings, and more! Click here to learn more about their activities or volunteer.

Hamilton-Lauraville Gardener's Corner

Do you love gardening?  The Hamilton-Lauraville Gardener's Corner is a space on Facebook for neighbors to share tips, advice, seed exchanges, food trades, and local neighborhood gardening events.  Join here.

Baltimore Orchard Project

The Baltimore Orchard Project has planted almost 100 orchards in the city composed of over 1,000 fruit and nut trees. To sustain this fruit and nut system, they need people to cultivate orchards and cultivate communities.  They maintain city fruit and nut trees and distribute the surplus harvest to those in need.  Volunteer with the Orchard Project through their stewardship program. They have orchard sites in our community.

Baltimore Field Station

The Baltimore Field Station is part of the US Forest Service's network of field stations.  Their staff plays an integral role in convening and coordinating the Baltimore Urban Waters network of federal, state, local, academic, and nonprofit partners, as well as executing projects in support of the Urban Waters Initiative. The U.S. Forest Service is also an integral partner in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES), which is a long-term ecological research (LTER) project of the National Science Foundation.

Harford Road Corridor Study

The Harford Road Corridor Study responded to rising concerns about the impact the commercial corridor had on the stability of neighborhoods in Northeast Baltimore. The focus was to improve the corridor while establishing a better relationship between the commercial areas and residential neighborhoods. The study includes “next steps” for strengthening community character so that Harford Road and the surrounding neighborhoods can become an even more livable and sustainable community. 

Baltimore Constituents Debate Over Solid Waste Plan

Arlene Karidis | May 21, 2018

Some Baltimore city officials and environmentalists are at odds with city solid waste management planners. Zero waste, incineration and visions for the city’s landfill are at the heart of the debate..  More

Baltimore Must Lead the Way on Environmental Advocacy

Baltimore Sun, Sept 19. 2017

"Baltimore has so much to lose from climate change; it is only right that it should be among the nation’s strongest advocates for sustainability."

Read full article

Black Church Leaders Stress "the Green Gospel" of  Environmental Stewardship

Baltimore Sun, Oct 25. 2016

Pastors from across the state gathered Tuesday in Baltimore to discuss ways predominantly black churches can use the pulpit and the power of faith communities to discuss climate change, energy efficiency and other environmental issues. Read full article

Green Schools

Forty-two schools in Baltimore City are certified Green Schools as of 2017.  This includes Westfield's own Hamilton Elementary/Middle School!  Through an environmentally-based education, children learn the impacts they have on their local and global communities, empowering them to become better stewards of the planet and the future.

Innovative Environmental Education, Hamilton Elementary/Middle School
"Energy Vampires" Play, Hamilton Elementary/Middle School

Baltimore Office of Sustainability

A sustainable Baltimore is one that maintains the balance between meeting the needs of people today without diminishing the ecosystems upon which future generations rely.  Baltimore's Office of Sustainability focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste and recycling, clean air and water, local food systems, education, outreach, alternative transportation, and social equity.  Learn more ...


TreeBaltimore strives to increase the urban tree canopy through the establishment and preservation of trees. To reach our goal of 40% tree canopy cover by 2037, we partner with individual homeowners as well as communities, schools, and businesses. Take part in one of their tree planting initiatives, or get free trees for your community or backyard.

Patterson Park Audubon Center

The Patterson Park Audubon Center offers hands-on activities that connect a multicultural community with nature in an urban setting, empowering neighbors through action projects to enhance bird habitat in Baltimore. Join one of their free Wildlife Gardening Workshops.

Bikemore Baltimore

Bikemore Baltimore focuses on land use and transportation policy and physical infrastructure improvements that will allow our neighborhoods to grow and thrive while becoming more walkable, bikeable, and accessible by public transit. We aim to put people before cars, and expand access to opportunity for all Baltimoreans.

Baltimore Climate Action Plan

Baltimore Wood Project

The Baltimore Wood Project brings new partners and ideas together to be smarter and more thoughtful about urban wood “waste” in the city. Rethinking Baltimore's wood waste streams can save money, create jobs, provide green materials and beautifully reclaimed products, and help the city achieve its vision of a sustainable future.

University of Maryland Extension

The University of Maryland Extension is a statewide, non-formal education system. MD Environment & Natural Resources, the Chesapeake Bay, 4-H Youth, Food & Nutrition and more.  They also sponsor Maryland's Master Gardener Program.  Visit their site to learn about everything from best gardening practices to how global warming affects climate change Maryland.

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