Westfield, in Northeast Baltimore City, has a suburban heritage visible in its large backyards, old farm buildings and friendly neighbors.  We're a walkable neighborhood with tree-lined streets, a thriving Harford Road commercial district, affordable homes, good schools, and an overall laid-back charm.

               Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association

Founded in 1977, the Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association (WNIA) is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for residents in our community.  We support community social events, relationships with elected officials, greening initiatives, safety for all, a venue to discuss local zoning and traffic, opportunities for youth, and much more.  WNIA is supportive of the opinions and interests of Westfield residents and businesses. 

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Our neighborhood association is as strong as those members who make a commitment to joining and taking part in  discussions, activities and events.  Households can join the WNIA for an annual dues of merely $10.  To learn more about the WNIA, follow us on Westfield's Facebook page ("Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association").  Join or renew your WNIA membership online today by clicking on the "subscribe" link.          

You may also send your dues through the mail to the address below. 

WNIA Contact Info:  WNIA, 5807 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214

WNIA Board: Angela Jancius (President), Caren Shelly (V. President), Sharon Baker (Secretary), Kathleen Moyers (Treasurer).  Board-at-Large:  Jen Cullen, Tina Dorn, Surya Allamraju, Daniel Sturm, Dave Dixon

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TreeBaltimore Giveaway at HEMS

In October 2019 the Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Assoc. held its second TreeBaltimore tree giveaway - this time at Hamilton Elementary / Middle School. It was such a wonderful event, WNIA and HEMS are planning a Garden Day tree giveaway and plant swap for the community in the Spring of 2020.

WMAR Covers Threat to Christopher Cemetery

Josh Hagar from WMAR Channel 2 News did a wonderful piece on the Christopher Cemetery in Westfield, which aired on November 26, 2018.

Work Continues on the Westfield Native Pollinator Garden

With the support of a Maryland Environmental Trust Clean Up & Green Up Grant and assistance from UME Baltimore City Master Gardeners, On October 6, 2018 WNIA established a native pollinator garden at 6009 Harford Road. Marzullo Funeral Chapel dedicated stewardship of its raised beds along

Harford Road for the creation of a Westfield Community Garden. Neighbors pull out their green thumbs to prep the site and plant native flowers.  WNIA has established a Garden Steward program, giving interested residents the opportunity to share in caring for the new pollinator garden. Contact WNIA ( if you're interested in taking part. Westfield's Greening Crew looks forward to adding a third native pollinator bed to the garden this Spring!

Are Treatment Centers Well Regulated?

As Baltimore City moves towards decriminalizing nonviolent drug offenses, substance abuse treatment centers will play an important role in the transition.  However, there's a problem - there is a lot of money in the treatment industry, but still very little oversight. Treatment centers need to funtion in allignment with community needs - not as an unscrupulous and unregulated for-profit industry. Hearing that CMDS Residential LLC wishes to open a large, for-profit residential treatment center in Westfield, less than 500 feet from Hamilton school, makes us want to learn more. To start, we recommend watching this film, The Business of Recovery:

CMDS Residential LLC

CMDS Residential LLC is scheduled to open a substance abuse treatment clinic at 6040 Harford Road, in the old Hamilton Nursing Center Building. Clinical Management and Development Services runs a substance abuse treatment center in Columbia, MD, as well as Turning Point Clinic on North Avenue.  The clinic plans to house 100+ inpatient beds, with some discussion of possible outpatient program.  Residents have been expressed serious concern about the facility's proximity to Hamilton Elementary / Middle School.  On February 15, 2020, the Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association and Hamilton Hills Neighborhood Association hosted a community forum at the Church of the Messiah to meet with CMDS director, Bilal Ali, and our elected officials.

We have an audio recording of the three-hour event:

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