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Christopher Woods

Royston Gardens
Community Impact Letters

JJ Royston LLC has filed paperwork with the Planning Commission to develop five houses at the end of Royston Ave. The development would clear-cut a one-acre forest patch, and build houses on the historically important 1773 Christopher Cemetery, without surveying to identify existing graves! Most grave markers are gone, but archaeologists estimate that between 50-90 burials could be desecrated if the development moves forward without oversight. Some residents also express concern that the construction will disrupt the underground stream running beneath the property, possibly leading to water damage.  WNIA is collecting Community Impact Letters to submit to the Planning Commission. Below is a template you can build from to voice your concerns. Please submit your letter to and cc WNIA's letter archive at . The Commission will continue to accept letters up until the hearing, which will likely take place after the holidays.

  Royston Gardens Sample Community Impact Letter 

  The Case Against the Royston Gardens Development


  WNIA's Letter of Opposition   

WMAR Covers Threat to Christopher Cemetery

Josh Hagar from WMAR Channel 2 News did a wonderful piece on the Christopher Cemetery in Westfield, which aired on November 26, 2018.

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