Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association

Founded in 1977, the Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Association (WNIA) is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for residents in our community.  We support community social events, relationships with elected officials, greening initiatives, safety for all, a venue to discuss local zoning and traffic, opportunities for youth, and much more.  WNIA is supportive of the opinions and interests of Westfield residents and businesses. 

Our neighborhood association is as strong as those members who make a commitment to joining and taking part in  discussions, activities and events.  Households can join the WNIA for an annual dues of merely $10.  Monthly meetings are held at HARBEL (5807 Harford Rd) and are announced regularly on the Westfield Nextdoor discussion list.  To learn more about the WNIA, follow us on Westfield's Facebook page.

Archive of Monthly Meeting Agendas and WNIA Special Events

WNIA Contact:

WNIA, 5807 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214



WNIA 2018-19 Board

President:   Angela Jancius

Vice-President: vacant

Secretary: Sharon Baker

Treasury: Kathleen Moyers

Members-at-Large: Claire Duval, Daniel Sturm, Caren Shelly, Dave Boellner, Surya Allamraju, Jen Cullen

WNIA Bylaws

Groups / Committees:


Westfield Greening Crew

Member Recruitment

Holiday Events/ Social Activities

NECOP (Northeast Citizens on Patrol)

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