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Westfield, in Northeast Baltimore City, has a suburban heritage visible in its large backyards, old farm buildings and friendly neighbors.  We're a walkable neighborhood with tree-lined streets, a thriving Harford Road commercial district, affordable homes, good schools, and an overall laid-back charm.

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WNIA is having a membership drive.  We're calling all Westfield residents to join or renew their membership today.  Get to know your neighbors, take part in community events, get involved, share issues that are important to you, and help make your neighborhood a wonderful place to live!  While supplies last, first time members will receive a free Westfield bumper sticker (view pic).  A household WNIA membership is just $10 per year. Pay online today!

WNIA Fall 2019 TreeBaltimore
Free Tree Reservation

WNIA is partnering with TreeBaltimore for a second community tree giveaway!  We're asking interested residents to reserve their free trees in advance. This is an effective way to make sure that you are getting just the right tree for your yard, and ensuring that trees taken home will be planted and cared for.  We're aiming for the first weekend of October, but please stay tuned for an announcement of the event date/location.  In the meanwhile, you may reserve your free tree by following this link to the reservation open google doc: 



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Royston Gardens
Community Impact Letters

JJ Royston LLC has filed paperwork with the Planning Commission to develop five houses at the end of Royston Ave. The development would clear-cut a one-acre forest patch, and build houses on the historically important 1773 Christopher Cemetery, without surveying to identify existing graves! Most grave markers are gone, but archaeologists estimate that between 50-90 burials could be desecrated if the development moves forward without oversight. Some residents also express concern that the construction will disrupt the underground stream running beneath the property, possibly leading to water damage.  WNIA is collecting Community Impact Letters to submit to the Planning Commission. Below is a template you can build from to voice your concerns. Please submit your letter to Matthew.DeSantis@baltimorecity.gov and cc WNIA's letter archive at roystongardenswestfield@gmail.com . The Commission will continue to accept letters up until the hearing, which will likely take place after the holidays.

  Royston Gardens Sample Community Impact Letter 

  The Case Against the Royston Gardens Development


  WNIA's Letter of Opposition   

NEW: Community Trash Log
(Let's Document It)

Dear Neighbors!  We see that some of our neighbors have become part-time trash collectors, in a never-ending battle against debris in the streets.  Particularly on Harford Road, trash has been accumulating more quickly than we can pick it up.  Pedestrian litter bugs, derelict properties, debris spilling from open bin recycling, and illegal dumping account for some of the mess.  However, commercial businesses that don't handle trash disposal properly (letting trash spill from overflowing dumpsters into parking lots, which then blows throughout the community) also seems to be a significant issue.  If you live near (or pass by) a property that isn't handling trash disposal responsibly, we're asking you to make a 311 calls, take photos, and document your 311 call and observations in a community log.  WNIA will share this log with city officials with the aim of ensuring that irresponsible properties are held accountable for poor trash disposal.

Community Trash Log

Mulching Trees Along Harford Road

On Dec. 1, Master Gardener, Joe Stolkovich, of Hamilton Hills organized weed and debris removal and tree pit mulching along Westfield's section of Harford Rd.  Thanks to everyone who dedicated their time to help! Our trees needed some TLC. This event was sponsored our Clean Up & Green Up grant from the Maryland Environmental Trust.

Introducing the Westfield Native Pollinator Garden!

With the support of a Maryland Environmental Trust Clean Up & Green Up Grant and assistance from UME Baltimore City Master Gardeners, On October 6, 2018 WNIA established a native pollinator garden at 6009 Harford Road. Marzullo Funeral Chapel dedicated stewardship of its raised beds along Harford Road for the creation of a

Westfield Community Garden. Neighbors pull out their green thumbs to prep the site and plant native flowers.  WNIA has established a Garden Steward program, giving interested residents the opportunity to share in caring for the new pollinator garden.  Contact Donnell Kelly (kellydonnell@yahoo.com) if you're interested in taking part. Westfield's Greening Crew looks forward to adding a third native pollinator bed to the garden this Spring!

WNIA Garden Day

In May 2018 the Westfield Neighborhood Improvement Assoc. held its 1st annual Garden Day.  Neighbors swapped plants, took away gardening books and took part in gardening crafts. WNIA also distributed 50 free trees to the community, thanks to the generosity of TreeBaltimore.  The Garden Day event was sponsored by a Clean Up & Green Up grant from the Maryland Environmental Trust.

WMAR Covers Threat to Christopher Cemetery

Josh Hagar from WMAR Channel 2 News did a wonderful piece on the Christopher Cemetery in Westfield, which aired on November 26, 2018.